Clocks 315-324

315.           $50

E. Ingraham & Co. Bristol, Conn.”, one of the mantel clocks in the family of Doric models, this one is “Octagon Doric”, ca 1880. This 16-inch-high case is mahogany veneered, with gold columns. The gold is splotchy or rough looking. The glasses are original and there is a new paper dial with oil stain around the hand shaft. The label is very good, it has a coil gong and 8-day time and strike movement that is running. The hands are probably replacements and the door latch is typical of Ingraham shelf clocks, you have to use a key to turn the latch. Ly-Ingraham #871. $75-$150.


316.           $50

“E. Ingraham & Co. Bristol, Conn.”, another “Small Venetian” or miniature shelf clock, ca 1875. The mahogany veneered case is 12 and 7/8 inches tall, has two good original glasses, gilted columns and the typical door latch. Inside is a good complete label, coil gong, 30-hour time and strike movement that is running. The dial paper is new and the hands are replacements. Ly-Ingraham #831. $75-$150.


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317.           $50

“Welch, Spring & Co. Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 3”, ca 1868. The 13-inch rosewood veneered case is very nice, with gold gilt columns, painted tablet and the door latch like used on the Ingraham clocks above. This small clock has a large alarm movement in the bottom along with an iron bell on which it rings. The running movement is 30-hour time and strike and it rings hours on a coil gong. The label is excellent, dial paper is new and the clock overall is very nice. $75-$150.



318.           $75

“Ansonia Brass Co., Ansonia, Conn.”, label in this case they called “Roman Round Top”, ca 1854-1869. The clock was actually made by the Ansonia Brass & Battery Co. but used an Ansonia Brass Co. label. This miniature model is not pictured in any of the Ansonia or Tran Duy Ly books so we can only assume it is very rare. There is a similar but 17 ½ inch version in Ly-Ansonia #1731. The rosewood veneered case is 12 ¼ inches tall, clean and polished and appears to have original glasses and the usual door latch of that period. The label is perfect, coil gong and brass bob are correct, new paper dial on the old pan, and replaced hands. The one-day movement is running and striking hours. $100-$200.


319.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.” label in this 9-inch mahogany veneered miniature cottage clock, ca 1860. The octagon pattern around the dial, octagon top, chamfer base is all original, clean and polished. The consignor used the word chamfer to describe the base, which means beveled or slanted. I never heard that before. Not sure about the tablet being original, dial was repainted, label is excellent, and ST used their C-type 30-hour time and alarm movement. The movement is also signed Plymouth Hollow. This case design is not pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas. $100-$200.


320.           $75

“E. Ingraham & Co., Bristol, Conn.”, wood cased mantel clock, “Arch Column”, ca 1865.  We were only able to find one similar clock by Ingraham, it was named, “Arch Column, No. 1”. In 1857 he made a similar clock with a square lower glass. I cannot find another example anywhere of this clock. The labels and movements of the examples I listed are identical to our clock. Note the main differences are the columns, capitals, and bases, and the height of the clocks. Ours is 16 inches, rosewood probably, and is clean and original. Both glasses are possibly replacements, the dial paper is a replacement, has a decent label, coil gong, pendulum and key. The 8-day movement is running and striking the hours. Ly-Ingraham, pages 79 thru 83, and 257. $100-$150.



321.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow”, miniature 9-inch cottage clock, ca 1860. Same case style as #319 with the “chamfer” base, glasses are original, and here is a rarity with this 350-clock collection, the dial has not been repainted. It is not bad but has some flaked places touched up. It has ST hands, a good paper label, and their B-Type 30-hour time only movement. Not sure of the wood but I will call it mahogany veneer. Ly-Seth Thomas. $100-$200.


322.           $50

“E. N. Welch, Forestville, Conn.”, miniature steeple clock he named, “Small Gothic”, ca 1864. He absorbed over a half dozen other clock makers in the decade preceding 1864. This mahogany veneered case is 14 ½ inches tall, is all original including the glasses, door knob/latch, and tiny finials. The label is mostly there, dial was repainted, hands not sure, and brass pendulum bob. The 30-hour movement is time only and running. Ly-Welch #400. $50-$100.


323.           $50

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, steeple clock, “Small Gothic”, ca 1900. The 14 ½ inch high case looks to have mahogany veneer on the sides and rosewood veneer on the front. Probably all mahogany but the front is sure prettier graining.  Case is original, very nice including finials, original glasses, door latch, and complete paper label inside. The dial was repainted, hands and brass pendulum cannot say, and their 30-hour time only movement that is running. Ly-New Haven #1185. $50-$100.



324.           $50

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, Small Gothic steeple clock, ca 1900. This case has mahogany veneer all over and it is in good condition including the finials and original glasses. The dial was repainted, the label is complete, hands and pendulum are always unknown if original, and the 30-hour time only movement is running. Ly-New Haven #1185. $50-$100.