Clocks 325-334

325.           $50

“Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn.”, miniature steeple, probably made in the 1850’s. The 14 ½ inch mahogany veneered case is identical to the two New Haven clocks just listed. It is not as nice, but it is at least 50 years older. The glasses, door latch, pendulum, and complete label, all look to be original to the case. The original dial, now 175 years old has not been repainted but it looks pretty good, and is original, how unusual. The 30-hour time only movement is running. $50-$100.


326.           $75

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, rosewood veneered 17-inch-high parlor clock, “Gothic Gem”, ca 1880. The case is very nice, and to me the rosewood is all the difference in the appearance. The glasses are original, so is the door latch, and original dial that was not repainted as most of this collection were. It is a little dirty but has no paint loss. The hands, pendulum bob, complete label, alarm movement and iron bell, and coil gong, are all original to the case. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours on the coil gong. The alarm rings on the iron bell. Ly-New Haven #1156. $100-$200.

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327.           $100

“Ansonia Brass and Copper Company, Ansonia, Conn.”, mantel clock “Gothic Gem Large”, ca 1874. The rosewood veneered case is 18 ½ inches tall and is in relatively very good condition. The glasses and door latch are original, and as usual the label is excellent. Another excellent dial that has not been repainted and does not need to be. The hands are replacements and the pendulum bob and coil gong are correct. This clock has an 8-day time and striking movement and it is running. Ly-Ansonia #1710. $100-$200.



328.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. a City Series clock, “Victoria V.P.”, ca 1880. Rosewood veneered case is 18” high, the sides and top are beautiful, the door and base are slightly darker and the door actually is painted black and gold, both redone at some time. Old black label inside is mostly there. The brass bell, nickel star pendulum, nickel dial rings and old dial are all original. It has a very nice original dial and hands. The brass bob like most ST bobs is special with the star in the center. 8-day movement is running and striking the   bell on the hours. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 211. $150-$250.


329.           $50

“Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn.”, mantel clock, ca 1850’s. So typical of Jerome to put his label on the back of the door, in this case on the back of the very special tablet which I believe to be gutta percha. The rosewood veneered case is 14 ¾ inches tall, looks very nice but has lived a hard life. The dial paper and hands are replacements. Inside is a coil gong and his 8-day time and strike movement that is running. A good-looking clock to just sit on the mantel and admire but don’t look at the deficiencies up close. $50-$100.


330.           $50

“The E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Small Gothic”, or what we call a steeple clock, ca 1864. Good 14 ½ inch mahogany veneered case, in fact very good, has original glasses and door latch, and good finials on top. Inside is the usual good label, pendulum, iron bell, and the original dial that is very nice to be 175 years old, just some chips around the screw holes. The 30-hour movement is running and the alarm rings on the iron bell. Ly-Welch #400. $75-$150.


331.           $50

“The E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co., Forestville, Conn.”, another “Small Gothic” steeple clock, ca 1864. Identical clock to #330 except the finials are different wood although shaped the same, the dial has been repainted, and the movement is 30-hour time only, no alarm feature. Original label, glasses, etc. Ly-Welch #400. $50-$100.


332.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, 9-inch cottage clock with octagon top and rounded base, ca 1860. The 30-hour time and alarm movement is their C-type, it is running and the alarm rings on a large iron bell. The glasses, door latch, perfect label, large alarm iron bell, pendulum bob, and dial are all original. The dial has been repainted. The label is signed Thomaston and the movement is signed Plymouth. Ly-Seth Thomas #626. $100-$200.


333.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, 9-inch cottage clock, same style as #332, ca 1860. This case as you can tell is made of oak. I have had a jillion of these miniature Seth Thomas clocks but don’t believe I have ever had an oak one. This clock has a 30-hour time only movement, their D-type movement, and signed Plymouth. The glasses are original, dial is original but repainted, correct pendulum bob, and the label is perfect. Ly-Seth Thomas #626. $100-$200.


334.           $50

E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co. miniature steeple named, “Small Gothic”, ca 1878. The mahogany veneered case is 14 ¼ inches tall, has their typical door latch, original glasses, brass pendulum, and original dial, not repainted as most in this collection have been. The dial is slightly faded and a little dirty but is good enough to keep as is. The 30-hour movement is time and strike plus a separate alarm movement that rings on the same iron bell as the hourly strike. The label is not 100% but has some loss in the very bottom. Ly-Welch #400. $50-$100.

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