Clocks 457-466
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457.           $300

Dutch hood wall clock, ca late 1700’s. This clock was made in Holland and was a popular clock in its day and also with many clock collectors today. The wood case is 49-inches tall and 16 inches wide and from all indications is completely original and surprisingly in good condition. The finials, hood, columns, glasses, (3 in the hood, 1 on the base) door with side latch, removable slide out cover over the pendulum, weight, and chain, are all original and operable. The movement has been serviced and in running order. The 30-hour brass movement is time, strike, and alarm. The beautiful hand painted arched dial has a country scene and the four brass corners represent the four seasons of the year. There is also a nice painting on the silver chapter ring. We don’t see very many of these clocks, but this is surely the nicest I have seen. $500-$1000.

Without hood


458.           $100

French black slate and bronze mantel clock, ca 1890. The 8-day time and striking movement is signed, “A. D. Mougin / Deux Medailles”. The movement has been serviced and is in excellent running condition. It strikes half hours on a large coil gong and has a typical hinged metal back door like most all French clocks of this type. It is a very large and heavy case, 19 ½ inches wide and tall, and weighs over 70 pounds. It has a fancy brass/bronze emblem in the arch and on each side of the nice black and gold dial. The case needs to be cleaned to bring out the engraved designs and the graining of the marble. Some repairs have been made, such as bonding the end ornaments in place. There are the usual nicks in the marble around the base. I would recommend local pickup of this clock due to its size and weight. $150-$300.



459.           $500


“George Woltz, Hagerstown, Maryland”, tall clock 8-day brass movement, ca 1775. There is evidence he made tall clocks from the 1770’s until his death in 1811. Some of his movements undoubtedly ended up hanging on the wall like this one while most ended up in tall clock cases. His sons and cousins made tall clock cases. This beautiful engraved brass dial is 17 by 12 inches, signed, has moving moon phase and calendar movements. It has been cleaned, bushed, and restrung, now in excellent running condition. The Wag on Wall stand is not original. The long pendulum, hands, pulleys, and weights are the type you might find with clocks of this type.  You can find Woltz clocks in “Maryland Clockmakers”, by Steve Petrucelli, but no wags or brass dials by Woltz. $500-$1000.

Close-up      Movement-1      Movement-2



460.           $300

Waterbury Clock Company, shelf model double dial clock, “Calendar No. 44”, ca 1881. Original 24” high oak case has been cleaned and polished but the wood is still slightly dark but I do not think you would like the wood any lighter. Etched designs on top and the door. Winged side ornaments are also grooved and have applied round buttons. Button ornaments on the door and top. Door latches on the side, both glasses are old. The glasses are original to case but strips have been renailed, rearranged, or maybe just tightened. The glasses were removed to reback the black paint. On the back are remnants of two large labels. The movement is 8-day time and strike, signed, in good condition, and strikes half hours and hours on a Cathedral gong. The calendar dial is original and the top dial may be a replacement. This is a good clean original clock. Ly-Calendar #709; Ly-Waterbury #284. $400-$600.



461.           $125

E. Ingraham Clock Co. banjo clock, “Nile”, ca 1915. I have sold one or two of this model in years gone by, but they are not commonly available. The company described the cases as “natural grain with rubbed mahogany finish”. The case is39-inches tall with latching bezel and bottom door. It has a paper dial now stained with oil caused by over oiling the movement and the oil dripped onto the dial. The 8-day movement is time only and running. On the back is a complete paper label. There is no back cover over the middle section of the case, and may have never been, just not sure. Ly-Ingraham #242. $150-$300.



462.           $300

New Haven Clock Co. banjo, “Willard”, ca 1911. The various parts of the case are identical to the “Willard” pictured in the banjo books. The eagle, bowed glass, signed dial, hands, pendulum, Westminster Chime gongs, brass side rails, and both glasses are original to the case. The 43-inch-long mahogany case is clean, polished, and all original. The movement is not pictured in the New Haven and Tran Duy Ly clock books as they do not show the “Willard” model with Westminster Chimes. The movement is running and the chimes are in good order. One thing I have not figured out. When you open the bottom door the throat glass and frame will fall out. It is above my pay grade to figure out how the throat glass should be held in the case. Ly-New Haven #188. $300-$500.



463.           $300

“Thos. Russel & Son / Liverpool”, clock makers to the Queen, table clock ca 1877. This is a very unusual clock in some respects and common in others. The 8-day movement and gong are pretty standard and seen in many English clocks. The gong is signed, “Salisbury” but the movement is not signed. The mahogany case is 15 ½ inches tall, has nice designs below the glass, and a full back door. The front and large back door are both locked with a male key. I have never seen a male key lock on a clock other than some early Seth Thomas clocks. Thos. Russel & Son were better known for being watch manufacturers and other horological instruments, not clocks. The movement is performing properly, and it has a large and heavy pendulum which is typical in many English clocks. $300-$500.



464.           $150

Seth Thomas Clock Co. hanging gallery, “Principal”, ca 1935. Excellent 15” round oak case, no frills or ruffles, just plain Jane but nice. Brass bezel with a flat glass, 12” painted dial is signed, and the hands are original. The dial has some small flaking but basically it is a nice dial. Single wind, time only spring movement should run 8-days. Ly-Seth Thomas #1146. $200-$300.


465.           $50

“Mr. Christmas”, electric record player, plays Christmas music on 10 different discs. Inside the glass enclosed mahogany case several couples dance away to the music. It is what it is; very nice, nearly new, drawer pulls out to load discs, on off and electric plug in are on the back. $50-$100.




466.           $10

“Jingle Bell Rock Santa”. Santa rocks and rolls to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock. No batteries but electric wired. Santa is about 16 inches tall and sure can move his hips. Works perfectly.