Clocks 467-476
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467.           $150

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”, shelf clock simply named, “Steeple Weight”, ca 1858. Very few of this model were made. We have probably sold a couple over 50 years. Pictures in Tran Duy Ly’s Seth Thomas book show slight differences and neither of the two pictured are as original as ours. The two models pictured were reported as selling at auction for $781 and price estimated at $1000 if original. Ours appears to be pretty original but shows it age. There is some deterioration to the tablet and label, but otherwise is in pretty good condition. The veneered case is 29-inches tall. The dial, weights, pendulum, finials, and glasses all appear to be original. Not attempt has been made to restore the 160-year-old clock. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 680-681. $300-$500.



468.           $875

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “Office Drop Calendar”, ca 1881. This clock has every indication of being near original, with some exceptions. The 34” high walnut case has all the carved curly cues and top ornament intact. The finish is dark yet polished and looks great. Both glasses are replacements, bottom with a new mirror replacing the original painted glass. Behind the lower door on the backboard is a complete paper label. The movement is 8-day, running and striking on a coil gong. The gong, movement, brass bob and wood stick, hands, and all the metal calendar discs, are original. However, the month calendar that is viewed at the very top of the dial and change by hand each month, is missing. There is no nail like pin for forwarding the calendar dials. The paper on the three discs shows wear and some grunge, but the paper dials are definitely all original. This is the second Office Drop Calendar I have had with Spanish dials. That could be why the month rolling dial at the top is missing. That would be a dead giveaway that it was Spanish. Ly-Calendar, page 94; Ly-Gilbert, page 85. Many collectors have had the dial painted by the Dial House, on metal discs, making the clock extremely attractive. This model booked for $2800 ten years ago. I believe the last one we sold was for nearly $2800, but it was near perfect. $900-$1200.


469.           $100

French marble clock made by, “S. Marti”, ca 1879. The two-color marble case is 17 ½ inches wide and 9 ¾ inches high. The lighter shade marble is imbedded in the black marble creating various designs that make for a very attractive clock. The brass bezel is holding a bevel glass that covers and protects the very nice two-piece porcelain dial, French hands, and Brocot escapement. The dial is signed by an American retailer, “J. J. Burns / Gloucester / Mass.”. The 8-day French movement is signed by the maker, has a pendulum with the same serial number as the movement. $100-$200.



470.           $100

French marble clock made by “S. Marti et Cie (and Co.)”, ca 1867. The two-color marble clock is 15 ¼ inches tall and wide, some marble of other color imbedded in the black marble and various designs are etched in the marble and those etchings are gold filled. The two-piece porcelain dial is very nice and has one large minute hand, no hour hand, and a Brocot escapement mechanism. The clock movement is 8-day and strikes a brass bell. The movement is signed and running.  The glass in the back hinged door is cracked. $100-$200.



471.           $100

French marble clock made by “L P Japy & Cie”, ca 1878. The case is 16 ¼ high and 11 inches wide at the base, a little wider in the middle because of the brass ornaments. Like the two previous French marble clocks this on also has light colored marble inserts and etched designs that are gold filled. This one has 4 metal feet and a metal top piece and side ornaments. The one-piece porcelain dial is perfect, hands are original, and there is a flat beveled glass in the sash. The back opening is covered with a perforated metal hinged door. The 8-day movement is signed, pendulum is correct, and it is running. $100-$200.



472.           $100

French marble clock made by, “Japy “Freres & Cie”, ca 1878. This flat top marble case is all one color but the marble is speckled with some dark and light shades of marble. There are several brass or metal ornaments from top to bottom and the sides. The sash has a thick beveled glass over the marble dial. The hands are correct but two of the numerals on the dial are missing, 11 and 1. The back hinged door has a glass in the sash to enable viewing of the movement. It has an eight-day time and striking movement, and a key but no pendulum. $100-$200.



473.           $25

Miniature Vienna Regulator, 15 inches high, 3 glasses, 4 finials, rope twist each side of the door, dial signed “1981”, hands, pendulum and key are all original. Label on the back says, “1981 / Limited Edition / Miniature Vienna/ R.K. – W.M. / No. 47”. The initials are those of a couple of northeast collectors, Rudy Kempler and William (Bill) Mather. Clock has one flaw. Part of the bottom finial’s base is missing. $25-$50.


474.           $25

“Imperial Clock Corp. Highland, IL”, electric gallery clock, ca 1936-1960. The only others we have sold were in the January 2007 auction and they were made in Effingham, IL. Those two clocks and this clock are almost identical except one of the 2007 clocks had a seconds dial. The dark wood case has maple inlaid decorations and is 16 inches square. The first two had bowed glass over the dial, this one has flat glass. Movements in all 3 are identical, solid plate with balance wheel platform escapement. It is reported that the clock will continue to run 24 hours during a current interruption. $50-$100.


475.           $25

Miniature reproduction by the same gentlemen that made #473. The label on the back of this case states, “1982 / Limited Edition / Miniature Freeswinger / R.K. – W.M. / No.36”.  The dial also is signed “1982”. The two men who made several miniature reproductions back in the 1980’s were Rudy Kempler and William (Bill) Mather, a couple of east coast collector entrepreneurs. $25-$50.



476.           $50

“Chelsea Clock Co. / Boston / U. S. Maritime Commission / Ser. No.”, signed on the dial of this nice clock in a Bakelite type case, 7 ¾ across the back, 6 ½ across the top. The dial was originally silver but it is wearing off leaving a copper shade. The 8-day time only movement is running, three hands are original, hinged on the right, and also signed on the back. $100-$200.