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This is a blind, or sealed-bid auction.  You submit a bid sheet with the maximum price you are willing to pay for an item by the close of the auction (July 31).  If you are the high bidder you win the item, usually at less than your maximum bid.  You will be notified if you have won at the close of the auction and will have 15 business days to make payment by check, credit card, money order, or Paypal.  Need more time to pay?  We offer extended payment plans at no cost - see the  Detailed Instructions for more information.  There is a 15% buyer's premium on all sales.  Clocks that don't sell at auction can be purchased afterwards for the minimum + 15%.
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Thinking about selling or consigning your clock collection?
Although Carroll is no longer accepting consignments or buying clocks, Todd will continue the 45-year tradition.  You can contact Todd by email or phone (859-312-9012) if you have better-quality clocks you would like to sell or consign.  Our consignor's fee is the lowest in the business, at 10%.
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JULY 2019


Sealed Bid Auction

jul19_auction001016.jpg jul19_auction001015.jpg jul19_auction001014.jpg
What's new?

Horton's has a new look!  We have redesigned our web pages to make them easier to view on smart phones.  The redesigned pages should also make it easier for everyone to find the clocks they want without having to scroll through other clocks on the same page.  Lastly, all the pictures associated with a listing are now shown, rather than listed as links.  And as always, you can click on any picture and it will expand in a new webpage.  Please let us know how you like this, and any problems you may have with the new format. 

What have we got?  A bunch of clocks from Carroll's personal collection!  We also have a large number of Vienna regulators, some unique cigar store advertisers, and some rarely seen Seth Thomas wall regulators. You can find all the clocks listed in numerical order at the Clocks by Catalog Number links above, or browse by category with thePeriod or Style links.  We also provide a PDF catalog (see below).  If you would rather not print it yourself, you can buy it for $10.75.  Click on the PayPal button or send a check for $10 to Carroll.   

Looking for a printable version of this catalog?
July 2019 Catalog.PDF
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Are you new to Horton's Clock Auctions?
Don't be intimidated by the format.  You can bid on as many clocks as you like and limit your risk by telling us your spending limit, or how many clocks you can buy - just list your clocks in order of preference.  The more clocks you bid on, the better your chance of winning one.  You can place any kind of conditions on your bids - we can accommodate any bidding strategy.   Give it a try!
Why buy from Horton's?
Compare our prices to eBay or any major auction house - and then compare the amount of information we give you on the clocks to what you get from these other sources.  We tell you the good and the bad, and have been doing this for over 40 years.  You don't have to guess if the movement is correct, or the clock runs - we'll tell you, and you'll know exactly what you are getting.  And if you're not happy after you get your clock, we'll take it back with a full refund - including shipping.  Find another auction house that does that!
Looking for sales from previous auctions?
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To search for a set of words, use quotation marks: "tape measure" to search for tape measure clocks.
As each clock may have multiple listings in a given auction, pay attention to the web address at the end of the search result to identify listings from different auctions.
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Clocks by Catalog Number
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We have had repeated problems sending emails to those of you who use for your email provider.  In many cases those emails do not go through and do not bounce back to us.  We strongly suggest that you send us an email address not on comcast if you find that you are not receiving our emails on this auction.  We are unable to fix the problem from our end.